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This operator modifies the properties of different portlets upon recalculation of the operator. The properties that can be modified by this operator are can be found in the List of Portlet Properties

It must be based on a table with three text columns containing

Each row of the table hence defines a property value for some portlet. Upon recalculation of the operator all portlets' properties in the table are adjusted.

The recalculation can be triggered manually in the Data Node in TIS Editor or by a portlet event (see Event Handling with Portlets).


In Portlet Designer

Enter an identifier as "Name" property in the portlet you want to adjust.

This identifier has to be unique for the TIS Project from which the portlet should be adjusted.

In TIS Editor

Create a Data Node with a table (e.g., the Create Table operator) containing the three text columns described above and enter values in the table.

In TIS Editor

Add the operator [TIS]Board - Adjust Portlet and select columns accordingly

Optional: Bind it to an event

You can bind the recalculation of the operation, i.e., the adjustment of the portlet, to an event, see Event Handling with Portlets. For example, this way the portlet can be adjusted on logon.


Example: Collapse specific Portlets when User logs on


To make screens nicer, it canbe helpful to collapse some portlets at log on.
User can open them whenever they are needed, but the Board always starts with selected collapsed portlets to help with an easy to understand start.


This Portlet should be collapsed when open.

Give it an ID in the Portlet Designer

Define a data node in the Project with the table and the Change Portlet Operator

And at any portlet we specify an action for the logon (=Anmelden) Event refering to this node.



The portlet is collapsed after logon

Project-FileAnalyzer V06.01 A Auswertung

Want to learn more?


Modify properties of one or multiple dashboard portlets.

Columns of input table

Portlet name


-Column containing the value of the portlet's "Name (identifier)" property (see List of Portlet Properties)-
Property name


-Column containing the property's internal name (see List of Portlet Properties)-


-Column containing the property value in the format described in "Type" and "Description" in List of Portlet Properties-


Change master portlets also


-Should the changes be applied to the master portlets also?-


Example 1: ...


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