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HTML and Editable Grid


Description of options

Save data.


Data has changed by editing. Do not forget to save before leaving the application otherwise changes will be lost.

Add rows or delete rows

Allows to copy and paste data from/to an Editable Grid. As of Version 5.5.

Drag & Drop to SORT ROWS

  • Rows of editable Grid can be moved with Drag & Drop.
  • Keeping the CTRL button pressed allows for the selection of several rows.

Input Checks

Data is checked for correct format – E.g., whether it is a number

Boolean values in the Portlet are represented by Check-Boxes.

Filling Down Data

Value or Strings can be easily filled down in an Editable Grid: Click with the right mouse button into cell which should be copied to all other cells in the column below and choose "Fill down":

Increment Down

You can also choose a value which should be increased in each row. Choose the value, make a right-click and choose "Increment down"

Copy and Paste Data from/to an Editable Grid

The displayed data in an Editable Grid can be copied into a spreadsheet, such as MS Excel. There data can be edited and added.
Click the Copy/Paste button and a new window will open, where you can see the data from the current page of the grid. From there all the data can be easily copied to the spreadsheet. Use CTRL-A, CTRL-C and paste it.

You can now adapt the data. If you are done, copy the data out of the spreadsheet without the header, switch to the tab "Paste contents" and paste the data into the blank area. It is inevitable that the pasted data has the same structure as grid. Click "Insert Lines". The data will now be appended to the current data grid. Do not forget to save the grid afterwards!

EJS-Chart - Formatting


Description of options

General properties of the chart.
What is shown and what interaction is allowed.
Select with mouse while left mouse button is pressed:

  • Left to right: Zoom In
  • Right to left: Zoom Out

Formatting of axis (e.g., number style)

Formatting of a specific line, E.g. Area

TIP: Areas and bars are semi-transparent – try the combined use.

Working with EJS-Chart




To visualize only a selection of series you can switch on each series by clicking the eye-symbol in the legend. The legend-window itself can be moved within the chart via Drag & Drop of the legend window.
To minimize the legend, click the small triangle in the header of the legend. It is also possible to hide the legend completely by using the "hide-legend" button in the status-bar of the Portlet.

Zoom In

Click-and-hold the left mouse button and move you pointer to the right, to select the region you want to zoom in. Click-and-hold the right mouse button to pan the chart within the chart window. To explore data efficiently, use first the zoom function and subsequently move the chart.

Zoom out

Click-and-hold the left mouse button and move your pointer to the left clears the zoom and displays your data at full scale.
To clear the zoom level, there is also a clear button in the status-bar


Depending on the configuration of the Portlet, the zoom-functionality can be restricted to either the x-axis or the y-axis or it can be switched off completely. Ask your [TIS] Administrator for further information.

Working with Editable Chart (Next Version)

Description of options


Select area

  • Press shift & left mouse click and move (similar to selecting several files in the explorer)
  • Borders of an area can be selected and moved (shift + left mouse click + move)
  • Select single values – click on a value and move it.

Change data

  • Straighten out, i.e. draw a direct connection between the first and the last point of the selected area.
  • Set to zero i.e. set all values in the selected area to zero.
  • Move Up & down
    e.g. move all values in the selected area up & down.

Move single data points with drag & drop

Go to the data point till the circle appears, click and move the point up or down. 
Change data points with value inputDouble-click on a data point. Then a small window appears, where you can input the new value.
Change several data points
  1. Click at some point in the chart (outside a selection) to drop earlier selections.
  2. Press Shift key and hold it.
  3. Move mouse to the point where range should start (a second grey line shows up to indicate start position). Without movement no additional line appears.
  4. Click left mouse button and hold it.
  5. Move mouse to the point where range should end (a grey area grows).
  6. Release mouse key.
  7. Release shift key.
  8. Change values parallel with drag & drop, set all to 0 ("Set to 0") or make linear changes ("Lin").

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