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With the TISBoard API you can call a set of JavaScript-Methods by modifying the address URL of your browser. For calling a method you have to set a specified textmark (which is documented below).


I want to call the switchDisplayMode method for switching the display mode to kiosk mode:

Currently the following methods are available by the TISBoard API


This is the non operation command to execute the same command twice (#command1, #noOp, #command1). This method will be automatically called after each command so that the URL is different everytime (otherwise you cannot call the same method with the same parameters twice.)


Opens the dashpage with the specified ID


Opens the dashpage with the specified name


Switches the display mode 0=Default mode 1=Kiosk mode


Forces a reload operation on the current open page

Initial URL parameters


Kiosk-Mode starts in User mode with the tree element hidden.


hideheader removes the page header (Page title, description and navigation buttons)

Automatic Login

TISBoard Logon Types (SSO, Automatic, Custom)

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