(warning) Please check SP-EXPERT Compatibility up-to version 5.16

Unblock files from internet

On some servers files might be blocked by the operating system and must be unblock explicitly. See also Microsoft's documentation

Troubleshooting with Windows Security Update 

Security-Patches KB4565633 (Windows 10) resp. KB4565912KB4565511 (Windows Server 2016) cause problems with TIS, in particular with SPX base data picker portlet. It fixes critical security problems with ASP.NET and should not be deinstalled.
Please add following red lines to following config file

  • TIService\bin\TIServiceWindowsService.exe.config
  • WebApp\web.config
  • TISBoard\web.config

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

      <!-- .... -->

     <sectionGroup name="system.data.dataset.serialization" type="System.Data.SerializationSettingsSectionGroup, System.Data, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089">
       <section name="allowedTypes" type="System.Data.AllowedTypesSectionHandler, System.Data, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089"/>
       <!-- <add type="assembly qualified type name" /> -->
       <add type="cc.Controls.BaseDataAutoCompleteExtender+ValueInfo, cc.Controls, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=50ada2d2f8dc09b9" />
       <!-- additional <add /> elements as needed -->

 <!-- .... -->


Version 5.16

Version 5.15

PatchRelease DateDescription
TIS5_15_0-28062 (cumulative)2019-06-18
  • #5315 Fixed Date parameter access (time portion truncated)
TIS5_15_0-28061 (cumulative)2019-05-02
  • #3011 Fixed resource resolution of non-admin portlets' description in admin portlet folder
TIS5_15_0-28056 (cumulative)2019-03-04
  • #4861 Fixed duplicate key exception when loading portlet/dashboard tree
TIS5_15_0-28054 (cumulative)2019-02-11
  • #4597 fixed decrypting XimesDALconfig.xml.s
TIS5_15_0-28051 (cumulative)2019-01-16
  • #4503 Dynamic ComboBox: Use correct data source in cloned project
  • #4596 delete project without Developer License
  • #4597 more retries for decrypting XimesDALconfig.xml.s
  • #4035 Project Import: Apply patches in reverse order
    • Caused problems with controller portlets of imported projects, in the way that wrong parameters are shown.
  • #4191 Oracle 11 compatible scripts
  • #4300 EdGrid data nodes in template project clones are not dirty with MSSQL
  • #4305 Import SQL without timeout option


  • #3341 #3436 Editable Grid Update: Handle upper case table names in MSSQL
    • Editable Grid could not be saved in conjunction with MSSQL.
  • #3943 Cron Job execution: Recalculate dueTime on exe error for ByPeriod cron jobs as well
    • Session cleanup may be stopped, which can harm the system's performance.
  • #3858 #3873 #3933 #4055 #2974 Admin Portlet Fixes
  • #4035 Project Import: Apply patches in reverse order
    • Caused problems with controller portlets of imported projects, in the way that wrong parameters are shown.

(warning) This patch is included in the SPX Forecast Setup dated 05.09.2018 on the Interflex's FTP server.

Version 5.14

PatchRelease DateDescription
  • #3736 cope with renamed folders of TISBoard
  • #3624 fixed config StimulsoftLocalizationFileFolder
  • #3438 proper folder-only-display

  • #3558 Fix period of SPX Session Keep Alive Cron Job

  • #3392 explicitly set pdf export settings in event handler

Version 5.13

PatchRelease DateDescription
  • #3558: Fix period of SPX Session Keep Alive Cron Job
  • #3097: fixed missing session clean up (close browser with TISBoard)
  • #3361: keep alive SPX sessions
  • #3342: more tolerant export if SPX session expired
  • #3335: CR-Developer License create project failes
  • #2367: DBUpdateXiParamRefs failed, Reports bleiben leer
  • #3102: EmployeeLogOn fixed
  • #2980: Long strings in TIS-Tabellen
  • #2980, #2985: EdGrid Save-Button disabled during save avoids errors
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