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DeveloperTypes of Tables

Remove obsolete setting for Types of Tables in Import text or CSV file 3.0 operator.


FLEX-3377 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperDesigning a Stimulsoft ReportFull integration of Stimulsoft Report Designer enabled implicit update of MRT file in TIS without manual upload.2018-04-19

FLEX-1115 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperRead TIS table 5.0Timeout can be specified for the query execution in order to prevent blocking endlessly in case of a database performance issue.2018-05-03

FLEX-3505 - Getting issue details... STATUS

4(warning)DeveloperColumn referencesColumn references by name generally supported now. E.g. in the Merge data 4.0 operator key columns can now be specified by column position or column caption using quotes.2018-05-03

FLEX-432 - Getting issue details... STATUS

5(warning)DeveloperTIS Board - Read editable data table 5.0Editable data tables can be partitioned by a filter expression now. That saves the partitions into a joint TIS Table and improves the performance. The filter expression allows only disjoint sets, that means only AND and EQUALS or ISNULL.2018-05-30

FLEX-1616 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperFormula operator: XIH Helper FunctionsXIH.GetHash introduced, which generates a hash for a specified text using the bcrypt standard. That may be useful for managing user pools.2018-06-26

FLEX-3817 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AdminTIS AdminUser Management views how many DEVELOPERROLE licenses has been assigned already.2018-07-12

FLEX-3835 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperWrite TIS table 3.0"Write TIS table 4.0": New setting for marking data nodes dirty only of the current project (clone) for performance improvement.2018-08-07

FLEX-3988 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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