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Task 2

Create a detailed table showing daily distribution for the considered data and put it on your first [TIS]Board page.

Input data node:   A01 [>] working time

StepOperator / PortletConceptResult

Combined date and time into one column


Convert "From-Date/From-Time/To-Time"
2 columns "From" "To"
Compute working hours per dutyFormula operator: Date and Time
column "Hours"
Scale to daily dataScaling 8.0

Compute daily percentages of accountAs a percentage 4.0
column "Percentage"
Format your table and data 

Format columns 2.0

Replacing null values

Rename, reorder and delete columns

General Calendar

column "Date"
Order by dateSort Rows

Pivot the tableCreate Pivot Table V4
columns "worktime", "sick leave", "holiday"
Create TIS Board operatorTIS Board - Adjust portlet if column changes 1.0TIS Board operator

Create a simple grid portlet

Simple Grid (Portlet)

Conditional Formatting for Grids

Add portlet to your first [TIS] board page

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