Shortcuts TIS Board View Mode

ShortcutFunctionSee also
Ctrl + 0Reset Zoom 

Shortcuts TIS Board Edit Mode

ShortcutFunctionSee also
Alt + Shift + ASwitch to Admin modeDesigning Boards & Pages
Ctrl + Shift + L Show Software Version InformationGeneral Elements for all or most Portlets
Ctrl + Alt + U

Report an issue

Report a problem

FLEX-99 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Alt + Shift + NCreate a new PortletDesigning Boards & Pages
Ctrl + Shift + XLogout

Shortcuts TIS Board Resources

ShortcutFunctionSee also
Ctrl + Shift + IAdd new resourceResources
Ctrl + Shift + PSave
DelDelete selected resource

Modifier keys and mouse interaction

Modifier keyFunctionSee also
CtrlReload-Icon for hard-reloadUsing Boards
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