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Starting from Version 6.1 the TIS Board tree is one global tree, whose visibility in controlled by permissions.

The user folder is only visible, if the current user has permissions on folders or pages outside his/her user folder.

Users with CLIENTADMINISTRATOR role can view and grant permissions on the whole tree.

On the right top side of the tree header there is the toggle-visibility button. It's not visible when no sub-directories are present, e.g. for a new user. It appears as soon as the user gets a permission on existing pages outside his own user sub-tree.

Grant permissions on pages to other users or roles

1Open the page's properties dialog and switch to the permissions tab.
2Select type of actor: user or role

Specify a user or role

Note that browsing requires the ACTORBROWSER role. 

4Select the permissions: Read, Write (is only necessary for designing the page)
5Select inheritance flag

Define home page (start page) of other users


Use the menu for more commands and select the "Set home page of other users..."

2Select the the page and user.

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