(warning) Please check SP-EXPERT Compatibility.

(warning) Please apply patches only on corresponding SP-EXPERT versions.

(warning) Please use patch.ps1 if available after stopping TIService (automatically unblocks files and automatically updates config files), instead of manually overwriting existing files.

Version 6.8

(warning) Only applicable for SP-EXPERT version 23.2

PatchTagDatabase schema versionRelease DateInterflex StatusDescription


(warning) Please update the database scheme to new version using TISInstaller

  • #9026 Fix error with start page on partial page deployment/synchronization

  • #8884 Fix subsession logon via Python op/pytisapi executed within a cron job

  • #8924 Fix incomplete DB patch: Add missing TIS table meta data

  • #9008 Prevent project copies being deleted by 'Project Clone' admin portlet action

  • #8999 Fix precision loss on copy/paste of decimal numbers in EdGrid (TISBoard) and Edit Table op (Editor)

  • #8970 TISInstaller: Support aborting long running operations (deployment)

  • #8662 TISInstaller: Support converting ORACLE connection string to ManagedDataAccess driver format

  • #8948 Editor: Fix 'Edit Table' operator settings UI

  • #8982 TIService: New setting GetProjectCacheLockTimeout (for long running TISBoard portlet calculations)

  • #8994 TISInstaller: Fix template config

  • #8985 TISBoard: Fix unexpected logout if browser tab in background
  • IF-272 Wait for SPX application server prior to login
  • #8635 Editor: Allow '/' (in addition to '\') in python op settings paths
  • IF-298 Editor: Fix dynamic settings in graphs of diagram ops
  • #8954 Editor: Implement XIH.GetDownloadUrl for generating secure download URLs
  • IF-273 ESS: Fix dashboard page sharing
  • IF-296 UM: Fix page sync on role assignment or template role user setting
  • #8936 Multi-session logoff: Close all SignalR connections
  • #8935 Multi-session logoff: Properly log out all sessions at once
  • #8949 Editor: Remove EnableOpMetadataSnapshot session setting
  • #8780 Editor: Try showing op settings even in error state
SPX 23.2 Beta

Version 6.7

(warning) Only applicable for SP-EXPERT version 23.1

PatchTagDatabase schema versionRelease DateInterflex StatusDescription
  • #8870 TISBoard: Added docx mime type
  • #8667 Op settings: AllowOverriding for MarkDirtyCurrentProjectOnly ("Write TIS Table" and related ops)
  • #8830 TISBoard: Fix "Error in Fileguard files portlet if no file guard configured"
  • #8798, #8607 TISBoard: Fix redis timeout in cron job portlet
  • IF-276 Implement script to switch svc user from LOCAL SYSTEM to dedicated svc user
  • #8835 Python: Fix unnecessary timeout on script error (race condition)
  • #8799 TISBoard: Fix "Page portlets not updated on master portlet save"
  • #8757 Fix an error when importing with option "Use existing portlets"
  • IF-275 Fix for error during del of TIS resource strings

  • FLEX-8797 TISBoard/EdGrid: Disable "clear filters" during editing

  • #8740 TISBoard: Add HideLoadMask flag to HTML portlet layout

  • IF-277 Patching: Adjust cc.SpExpert assembly redirect dynamically

  • IF-278 Deployment: Add TISBoard\IR\Configs folder

  • #8772 Fix missing schema info of EdGrid tables and add new op version w/ stricter behav on schema mismatch

  • #8774 Fix order of result table columns in "Read editable grid" operator

  • #8769 C# op: Fix error message on syntax error

  • #8734 DB: Change ximesfilelinescount to number(10)

  • #8679 Cron Jobs: Implement user pool for cron jobs

  • #5568 DB: Remove remnants of DB job during DB creation

  • #8730 Cron Jobs: Keep cronjobs alive during calculation

  • #8451 Fix an error when exporting TIS resource strings

  • #8710 Cron Jobs (ORA): Fix error duing del of Cron Jobs

  • #8513 Fix an error when importing

  • #8569 Editor/OpEditTable: Increase max length of TIS table name to 500 char

  • #8688 Update python to 3.9.12

  • #8686 TIS-Installer: Better error logging
  • #8551 Editor/UM: Deny access for non-clientadmin user if flag TemporaryPermissionsEnabled not set
  • #8506 TISBoard: Implement user portlet layout for dynamic adjustments to result table structure
  • #8640 Editor: Fix missing permission checks (del, edit project/dn/op)
  • #8648 Editor: Open projects in exclusive mode
  • #8649 TISBoard: set SameSite=None; Secure in all HTTPS contexts, CookieUtil.js for easier adaption of custom login pages
  • #8389 TIS-Installer: Support ximesdalconfig.xml-only deployment
  • #8569 Editor: limit length of table caption in edit table op
  • #8644 TIS-Installer: Reorganize Deploy form using tabs
  • #7509 C#-Op: Support roslyn as compilation option
  • IF-265 TISBoard: Stimulsoft viewer - fix data export
  • IF-216 Mark external token methods as anon requests (cures warnings in log file)
  • #8532 TIS-Installer: Export db schema scripts
  • #8589 License: Fix project type check
  • #8611 Fix cancellation for cron job w/ realc op
  • #8583 Execute logon events after logon scripts
  • #8600 Fix deep copy of OpDatanodeRefs md snapshot
  • #8534 TIS-Installer: ximesdalconfig.xml manuell erstellen

SPX 23.1 Beta

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