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Generates a new data table whose structure is used for an Editable Grid (Portlet) or an Editable EJS Chart Portlet.

Please refer to Editable Grid (Portlet) or Editable EJS Chart (Portlet) for more information.

Parameters may be used to define the folder name: #XI.TISPar('MyTablePath')#

Note: string columns are truncated to 4.000 characters.

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Generates a new data table whose structure is used for an editable Portlet.


Select target folder


-Folder where the data table will be stored-
or enter folder


opt.Name of the folder (parameter possible)-
Create folder if it does not exist


-A new folder or the entire path will be created if it does not already exist-
TIS Table


-Name of the generate data table-
Generate data table in the old format (version 1)


opt.Data table will be generated in the old format-
Create only new tableSystem.Booleanopt.If checked, then table will only be written if it does not yet exist (existing data will not be overwritten)-

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