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ProblemFrequent CauseSolutions
Error message: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
in TIS 5.8.2, this error message occurs when the box "Output the validation result in data nodes" is checked. This is a bug, see ticket 


Forecast for excluded days, e.g., holiday.

The operator does not consider if a day in the future period is a day to be excluded or not.

In our TIS Forecast solution not additional influcencing factors for days to be exlcuded are provided. If a regression model is based on at least of these influencing factor, the forecasted value for that day will be null.

If a regression model does not use any additional influencing factors, e.g., they are all elminated due a high p-value, then will be a forecasted value for an excluded day.

In the TIS forecasting solution those forecasted rows representing excluded days will be eliminated after the regression forecast (merge data, rows without a common key in data node 2).
Month October is included in quarter 3 instead of quarter 4

Affects results only when option "Include quarters" is checked in TIS versions up to 6.8. This bug was fixed in TIS 6.9

Fixed in TIS 6.9

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