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PatchTagDatabase schema versionRelease DateDescription
TIS6_0_0-31256 (cumulative)v6.0.0.14
  • FLEX-5787 Fixed Project export with missing resources
  • FLEX-4635 Fixed Project export with project names containing a priod "."
  • FLEX-5783 Fixed Column references for Operators with GenTable
  • FLEX-5758 Fixed Parameter assignment in Recalc-Op after import
TIS6_0_0-31247 (cumulative)v6.0.0.13
  • FLEX-5431 Fixed ping method for legacy user controls
  • FLEX-5170 Fixed session management with ESS logon
  • FLEX-5445 Fixed export with duplicate resource keys
  • FLEX-5385 Fixed project cache
  • FLEX-5449 Fixed data node dirty on parameter
  • FLEX-2838 Fixed project import for long names
  • FLEX-5524 Fixed TIS table write op performance issue
  • FLEX-5562 Fixed project validity check
TIS6_0_0-31235v6.0.0.12dbupdate-2019-03-20-0000.sql2019-07-15SPX 20.2 Release Version