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[TIS]-Board now allows to deploy pages only to certain users.

Open Deploy Pages

Go to "Deploy Pages" in the [TIS]-Board.
(PLEASE NOTE you may have to DELETE DEPLOYED PAGES before deploying = Revoke deployment: see below)
otherwise you may produce several copies of a page.

Window Deploy Pages

A new window opens where you can choose which pages should be distributed to which users.

Buttons for select all users or deselect all users are provided.

PLEASE NOTE: With the right mouse - after selecting the page in the left tree - you can (and should in many cases) set the startpage for the deployed pages.
The start page may be different to your start-page. If you do not set a startpage, users may get warning messages (as the prevoious start page will not be there anymore).


  • If you do not see the users you expect: they may not have the required rights. Please check PROJECT and FILES and TABLE rights in the  TIS Admin
Set as start page (home page)

With the context menu (right mouse click) on a selected page the start page for the target user can be defined.

(warning) Note: for shared dashboard pages see also Page visibility 

Select all users

Deactivate dependency check

Automatic dependencies check may be annoying if several selections should be made. In this case deactivate the automatic check and check with button click.

Deployed Pages

After deploying, each chosen user gets a copy of the page and is entitled to use the portlets of the page.


The following steps can avoid problems when deploying pages:

  1. If you have newly created the user you want to deploy the pages to, pleases log in as the user first.
  2. When creating the user in [TIS]Admin, please give the respective user rights on TIS tables as well.
  3. Normally the user has three roles: TISBoard Admin, TISBoard User and the role for the rights on the TIS project and the TIS tables.
  4. For defining the homepage apply the role TISBoard Designer to the user. Then log in to the TIS-Board and set the homepage.
    After that remove the rights for the TISBoard Designer from the user.


When deploying pages with tiles the setting on TISBoard Admin rights is no longer needed.

User groupsFor deploying pages to a group of users use the template user.
Template user

By defining a template role users can be grouped and are represented by a template user. This template user is an attribute of the template role.

Template role

The template user needs the following roles

  • user defined access to the relevant projects, files and TIS Tables
User role

Create a user role that points to the template user

additional roles:


Propagate all changes
to the group of users

Login to the TIS-Board as the template user.

Switch to the Admin-Mode.

Select "Updating the role template" in the More menu.

Delete deployed pages =
Revoke page deployment

All deployed pages are listed by default. Starting from version 5.15 by other users as well. Optionally you can filter only pages which are deployed by oneself.

Immediately update role template

If this option is selected then it is not necessary to login as the template user and update the role template.
Pages are immediately propagated to the group of users with the template user's template role.

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