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Cron Job

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Avoid to run cronjobs using a user with the developer role due to the following reasons:

  • Having a developer role does not bring any benefit in recalculating data nodes.
  • Behind the scene, pool users are create for running the cronjobs and they will use up the number of developer roles allowed by the license.

Type of data source
DataNodefor normal projects
ProjectCloneDataNode for template projects, see Working with Template Projects.
Solution for Solution Runner

V 6.8

for template projects
for Solution Runner

Cron Jobs require projects to be in template mode. If the template flag is not set on a project used by a cron job, the cron job will report an error.

Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second

Day as Day of Week

  • 0 = Sunday
  • 1 = Monday
  • 2 = Tuesday
  • 3 = Wednesday
  • 4 = Thursday
  • 5 = Friday
  • 6 = Saturday

To be filled in column Day


Repetition rule

-1 means "don't care".

Interval in seconds

KeySolution runner script name

Allowed hosts(APPIDs)Instance ID(s) of TIServices are allowed to run CronJob. If left empty, it means any or all depending on the degree of parallelism

Degree of parallelismOne - CronJob will be executed on one of the instances specified in Allowed hosts
All - CronJob will be executed on all of the instances specified in Allowed hosts

PasswordWhen running CronJob with OpenID authentication the password field must be filled in to be able to run it.


Example for Data source = DataNode: Test Cron Job 2018-03-21 16-08-40.gzip

Portlet settings

Using stored procedure

Use xisp0066 for creating a cron job record in table t1750.

DECLARE @prid int
DECLARE @retval_out int

EXECUTE @RC = [dbo].[xisp0066] 
   @prid OUTPUT
  ,1                -- source type: data node
  ,-1,-1            -- day month
  ,23,00,-1         -- hh mm ss
  ,-1               -- interval (msec)
  ,@retval_out OUTPUT



In case of using TIS with SP-EXPERT the configured user must have the same passwords in TIS and SPX. Generally the authentication is done with SPX. For the cron job execution, the TIS password is used to authenticate with SPX. To do so, reset the password in the User-Management, see TIS Admin, and then set it to the identical password in SPX.

(warning) Starting from SPX 19.3 the password must be entered in the cron jobs portlet.

(warning) Multiple Instances of TIService are not supported, see also Load Balancing.

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