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DeveloperRead TIS table 5.0New mode for structure only in operator "Read TIS table 8.0".2022-01-03

FLEX-8067 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperWrite TIS Table 8.0Write TIS Table: new Append-Mode without key columns2022-03-07

FLEX-8605 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperEditable Grid (Portlet)Time increment in Time Select configurable2022-04-04

FLEX-8400 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperImport text or CSV file with automatic column assignment up to 5.*New GUI for CSV Import operator2022-06-22

FLEX-3928 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperTIS Board - Recalculate 3.0Show Column "Finish timestamp" and "duration" in result table of Calcuation operators2022-05-08

FLEX-7910 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperStimulsoft (Portlet)Stimulsoft View Mode (Single Page, Multiple Page, ...) now configurable in Portlet designer2022-05-11

FLEX-8004 - Getting issue details... STATUS

7(warning)DeveloperTIS Admin (User Management)TIS Admin has been removed from the deployment. All administration tasks (like user, role and permission management) can be accessed in TIS Editor.2022-06-09

FLEX-8864 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperForm-PortletForm-Portlet included in default deployment (no config changes necessary)2022-06-20

FLEX-8742 - Getting issue details... STATUS

System AdministratorDeploymentCluster-Install only needs one config file.2022-07-13

FLEX-8186 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperRename, reorder and delete columns 2.0New GUI for Rename, reorder and delete columns 2.02022-06-01

FLEX-8066 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperOperationImproved automatic operator upgrades (including TIS Board - EJSChart Histogramm 2.0)2022-07-05

FLEX-8155 - Getting issue details... STATUS

System AdministratorTIS InstallerVersion patches now run in TIS Installer instead directly on service start.2022-06-15

FLEX-8515 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperPage PropertiesNumber of page sections increased from 3 to 52023-02-07

FLEX-9434 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperObsolete Operators

The following operators are obsolete and need to be replaced if used:

  • Collect report data 1.0 (xir.OpMisc/OpHtmlReport)
  • Collect report data 2.0 (xir.OpMisc/OpHtmlReport2)
  • Collect report data 3.0 (xir.OpMisc/OpHtmlReport3)
  • Collect report data 4.0 (xir.OpMisc/OpHtmlReport4)
  • Formula Interpreter (xir.OpMisc/FormulaInterpreter)
  • Formula Interpreter2.0 (xir.OpMisc/FormulaInterpreter2)
  • Formula interpreter 2.1 (xir.OpMisc/FormulaInterpreter2.1)
  • Formula Interpreter 3.0 (xir.OpMisc/FormulaInterpreter3)
  • Formula interpreter 3.1 (xir.OpMisc/FormulaInterpreter3.1)
  • Report: Export to MS PowerPoint (xir.OpExternal/ReportPowerPoint)
  • Import text or CSV file with XML structure description. (ImportTextfiles)
  • Imports text or CSV file with XML structure description (xir.Import/ImportFromTextfile1)
  • Pivot table time x weekdays (XimesData/PivotTimeXWeekdays)
  • Optimizer: Sequence Simple (xir.OpMisc/OptSequenceSimple)
  • TIS Board - Event handler 1.0 (xir.OpMisc/TISBoardEventHandler)
  • TIS Board - Recalculate in update interval 1.0 (xir.OpMisc/TISBoardOnRefreshRecalc)

If you don't know how to replace one of these, please contact TIS support.


FLEX-9308 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperImporting data from SQL sources 5.0

Option to output SQL query plan. For MS SQL Server: Limited to queries without parameters.


FLEX-8996 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeveloperInitialization data node list

In TIS Editor, developers can now define a list of initialization data nodes. These data nodes are executed, when the one of the projects in the list is opened, in the order defined in the list. This feature replaces Logon Events (see Events).


FLEX-8585 - Getting issue details... STATUS

System Administrator.NET Framework 4.8

TIS 6.9 runs on .NET Framework 4.8 now (previously: .NET 4.6.1)


FLEX-6672 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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