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Prepare in TIS Editor

  1. Prepare the data in a TIS Editor Data Node.
  2. Switch on the TIS Board connection

Dynamic table schema

If the schema of the table is dynamic, such as a changing number of columns or changing column names, add operator [TIS]Board - Adjust portlet if column changes 1.0 as the last operator in the data node for the Simple Grid.

Create in Portlet Designer

  1. Select New Portlet
  2. Select the TIS Editor project, the data node, and select the type of Portlet
    The search box

    helps to find things more easily.
  3. Save Portlet

Format in Portlet Designer

See descriptions in Formatting and Working with Portlets and Conditional Formatting for Grids

Save & close

Save the changes of this Portlet and close it.

Row Numbers

Row numbers of grids can be shown/hidden.

Show filter row

Displays an extra bar string filtering case-insensitive.

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