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In the edit mode of TIS Board, click the button for additional options to find the "Import" and "Export" options.

Export directly from dashboard tree. V 6.1

Project Export

After choosing "Export" an additional window opens. Now you can choose which pages, which files, which solutions, which TIS Tables and which Master Portlets you want to export.

After clicking on "Export" a file will be created.
The exported file can be password protected:

When the project is password protected, the file can only be imported by typing the password in the import window and the exported gzip file can only be extracted with the password.

Project Import

After choosing "Import" an additional window with four tabs opens. Now you can choose the import file. After that you need choose how TIS should deal with the import files, TIS Tables, Dashboard pages and Portlets.

You can choose whether a file should be imported at all, how the import should deal with existing files, tables, pages or portlets and where they should be stored.
After that click on "Import".

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